Art Classes

Currently I am running a class at the “Blue Moon Gallery”, formerly “Dee Fine Arts”, in Heswall on the Wirral. This is an open class suitable for anyone from complete beginners through to the more experienced. I aim to try and help everyone individually as well as looking at various topics as a group. We also keep things very relaxed and sociable.

Current Class:- Every Wednesday morning 9.30 – 12.30 at :-

Blue Moon Gallery
182 Telegraph Road,
Heswall, Wirral, CH60 0AJ

Cost: £20 per session

Enquiries are always welcome.


Workshops generally require anything from a 3 to 4 hour half-day to a 7 hour full day. These are hands-on sessions where everyone has a go at the chosen topic with guidance and instruction. All the topics in the demonstration section above are perfectly suitable as workshops. Below also are a few more suggestions:-

Perspective – A more comprehensive hands-on look at this subject.
Colour – Hands-on theory and practice.
Composition – Applying design principles.
Sketchbook – The use of sketchbooks in the creative process.
Creative Process – Some keys to invention and visual creativity.
Visual Grammar – The artist’s raw material explored.


As I think that a look in my gallery section illustrates, I work in a wide variety of media and styles, and can offer a broad range of demonstrations and workshops to art groups, societies and individuals. In this context I have worked with most of the leading art materials manufacturers as well as with retailers and galleries. Also, of course, I have continued to do demonstrations and workshops for art groups in a private capacity along with running my own classes and courses through the years.

I think also that I have perhaps a certain aptitude for communicating something of my experience to others in a public context, and hopefully in a light-hearted manner.

Editions price

The following sizes represent the paper size, the images vary in size on the paper in terms of their individual proportions.

They are available either as loose prints or double mounted and backed, or as loose canvas or stretched on quality stretchers.

size                             loose            mounted/stretched  

A0       48 x 35”          £690               £750
A0       48 x 30”          £575               £650
A0       40 x 30”          £490               £550
A0       36 x 24”          £335               £385
A1        33 x 23”          £250               £ 325
A2       24 x 16”           £140               £ 195
A3       16 x 12”           £100               £ 140
A4       12 x 8”             £85                 £ 110

All prints are available in other sizes by request, postage and packing is extra.

Private Tuition

In many instances personal tuition may be more helpful than a group situation. It allows for individual attention and the opportunity to look at areas of particular interest or value. It could be the impetus to start from scratch as a complete beginner, the opportunity to learn new skills, or the desire to make progress from a more experienced position.

I offer for instance an art “foundation” series of 5 one hour sessions to get the essentials in place, or individual attention to help personal development.

One or two hour sessions, or a series of sessions is often the most useful way to progress. These sessions can be in my studio or in your home, whichever is the easiest.

Private Tuition – by arrangement – £30 per hour – Enquiries welcome

Commission price

Portraiture has always been a particular facet of my work. It’s a discipline I’ve worked at and studied throughout my career, exploring various media, techniques and interpretations in the process. I work from life as well as from photographic material striving to produce something unique, original and of high quality in a world of mass image-making, mass-media and mass production.

With my particular diversity of experience I am confident to be able to offer portraits in various “styles”, from Old Masters and academic realism through to painterly, expressionist and contemporary. Also, I never expect a client to take a painting unless they are completely satisfied with it.


Oil and Acrylic Paintings

16 x 12” £ 350
20 x 16” £ 475
24 x 20” £ 625
30 x 20” £ 750
36 x 24” £ 950
40 x 30” £ 1200
48 x 30” £1450
48 x 36” £1700

Other sizes by request. Paintings on canvas (other supports if requested)


Paper Size
13 x 10” (quarter sheet) £ 130
20 x 13” (half-sheet) £ 200
26 x 20” (full-sheet) £ 400
Other sizes by request

I offer here particularly monochrome drawings on tinted paper (see the example), but other formats also by request.

Enquiries are always welcome.


Demonstrations for most art groups fit within a 2 hour time frame, usually including tea breaks. This of course is always flexible.

Here are some examples:-

Scottish Borders acrylic 16x12ins Rustic Gate acrylic 20x16ins Reminiscence oil 30x20ins Wirral Landscape acrylic 20x15ins




Farm Buildings, Romania 2 ink & watercolour 22x15ins River and Trees oil 24x20ins Seascape oil 19x15ins Winter Tree watercolour 20x14ins





Here are some suggestions for possible demonstrations:-

Oil Portrait – A one session live portrait always seems to be popular.
Oil Landscape – An opportunity to demonstrate basic oil painting principles as well as landscape issues.
Oil Seascape – Highlighting some properties unique to oils.
Oil Figurative – Figure representation, use of oils and painting development here.
Acrylic – Opaque method – A technique particularly suited to acrylics – any subject.
Acrylic – Oil techniques – Using acrylics like oil paint – any subject.
Acrylic Effects –  Paint effects that are particularly suitable and unique to acrylic – any subject.
Impressionist Painting –  Impressionist painting techniques and use of colour – any subject.
Expressionist Painting – Expressive brushwork and use of colour – any subject. Acrylic is the probably the most suitable medium here.
Portrait Principles – The structure of the head and drawing principles – mostly drawing.
Simple Perspective – Some basic, easy to follow principles.
Colour Mixing – The theory and practice of analysing and mixing colour. No more hit and miss!
Creative colour – Colour contrast, composition and its creative use.
Graphic Expression – Drawing techniques, mark making and graphic interpretation using mainly pencil and ink.