Portraiture has always been a particular facet of my work. It’s a discipline I’ve worked at and studied throughout my career, exploring various media, techniques and interpretations in the process. I work from life as well as from photographic material striving to produce something unique, original and of high quality in a world of mass image-making, mass-media and mass production.

With my particular diversity of experience I am confident to be able to offer portraits in various “styles”, from Old Masters and academic realism through to painterly, expressionist and contemporary. Also, I never expect a client to take a painting unless they are completely satisfied with it.


Oil and Acrylic Paintings

16 x 12” £ 350
20 x 16” £ 475
24 x 20” £ 625
30 x 20” £ 750
36 x 24” £ 950
40 x 30” £ 1200
48 x 30” £1450
48 x 36” £1700

Other sizes by request. Paintings on canvas (other supports if requested)


Paper Size
13 x 10” (quarter sheet) £ 130
20 x 13” (half-sheet) £ 200
26 x 20” (full-sheet) £ 400
Other sizes by request

I offer here particularly monochrome drawings on tinted paper (see the example), but other formats also by request.

Enquiries are always welcome.