Architectural - Having begun university as an architecture student before transferring to Fine Art, which I studied at Manchester polytechnic in the early 70’s, I am familiar with the various forms of projection and architectural visualisation as well as design concepts. No doubt that much of this work is done digitally nowadays, but, for what it’s worth I’m able to project accurate perspective views from plans and elevations as well as orthographic, axonometric and isometric views among others. I can also apply my experience as a fine artist and painter to more creative sketches, artist’s impressions, visuals and visualisations. Interior - Interior design is another area I have engaged in and studied in some depth over a number of years, particularly in the hotel as well as the domestic sectors. In this context the design process and concept development are areas that are of particular interest to me and relate very much also to my work as an artist. Projects here have varied from complete designs and execution to designed elements and features. Another aspect of this work has been dedicated artworks fitted to particular locations and schemes. These have included murals and hand painted elements as well as bespoke paintings. Corporate - I am also represented in the corporate sector and familiar with working on commission to a particular client’s brief. The images in this section are a cross-section of some of the areas mentioned above - architectural visuals, interior projects and designs, mural work and dedicated artworks.